Meeting Minutes for November 10, 2015

  From WB3LHU and KD8FLQ:   MEETING:  Started  @ 7 PM  By President Jim Gillis @ ACATEC Center Program:  Mike W6RP showed us his Laser communications  set up and discussed ways of improving performance as well as Web information on building !  Excellent Thanks Mike!!   Members- Visitors: 12  Members  Paid Memberships included AC8RB Ron (16’& 17’) […]

Meeting Minutes for October 2015

From WB3LHU: Thanks to Mike for taking the notes in My absence Meeting notes for October 2015 Meeting called 7:00 Introductions Mike, W8DER, Intro to Arduino End 8:20 Secretary minutes, skipped Nancy – treasurer report Motion Second Carried Steve – Still red on coordination site, but Steve has updated it. Will double check Trouble with […]

Meeting Minutes for May 12, 2015

MEETING: Started @ 8:10 PM By President Jim Gillis @ Allegan County Tech School Program: making antennas preceded meeting from 7PM thru 8PM – THANKS to AC8AG Members- Visitors: 15 Members Paid Memberships included AA8L, WB8SQJ & KD8VQH, & KC8USP (Dave Hoppe KB8KZM paid after Nancy left-WB3LHU has the dues) SECRETARIES REPORT: Meeting notes from […]