Monterey Repeater Internet Stream

The antenna on the scanner used to stream the Monterey repeater was upgraded today.  The stream sounds MUCH better! If you have iTunes,Click here for a live feed. If you have an iPhone or iPod touch, point its Safari browser to

Lee Township Repeater is Operational!

Output frequency is 147.140 MHz with a positive offset and 94.8 Hz PL tone.

Meeting Minutes for July 11, 2009

From Linda KD8FLQ: ALLEGAN COUNTY¬†AMATEUR RADIO CLUB MEETING MINUTES JULY 11 2009 Meeting Called to order by President Jim Gillis @ 9AM 11 officers and members present Last Months Meeting was informal – Not enough for a quorum – No notes provided COMMITTEE REPORTS:: Trustee Report: Awaiting better weather (dry and scheduling concerns) for bucket […]

Meeting Minutes For May, 9 2009

ALLEGAN COUNTY AMATEUR RADIO CLUB MEETING MINUTES May, 9 2009 MEETING: Called to order by President Jim Gillis @ 9 AM Member/visitors: 7officers & 6 Members present N8JMU & KD8KPE (new Member ) paid their 2009 dues TREASURERS Report: COMMITTEE REPORTS: Trustee report : Still need to exchange the ID chip at the repeater which […]