Meeting Minutes for August 9, 2016


August 9, 2016

Program: Show n’ Tell – Show off your mobile installation

MEETING: Started at 7:00PM (0000 UTC)

SECRETARY’S Report: Minutes accepted with one correction and motion carried

TREASURER’S Report: Treasurer’s report accepted, motion carried

ACTIVITIES: Let us know what programs/activities you would like to see in the year ahead . Please let Mike Long (W6RP), our Program Coordinator, know about your thoughts.

September Program: Wireless antenna switch – Wes, KD8VQH
October Program: DSTAR Go Box – Dennis, WB3LHU


Christmas Party Coordinator: Dennis, WB3LHU. Thanks Dennis!

10 Meter Net: Jack (W8PPM) invites all to the Club Net held every Wednesday evening – 8PM local – Freq: 28.380 MHZ (alternate 28.390 or 28.370 MHZ if busy) Topics of interest welcomed!

“Young Person” Net has started – Hosted by KE5ETX for all hams with children interested in becoming Hams or are already Hams –Next Youth Net scheduled on September 6th at 7PM on the 147.240 repeater – Contact John (KE5ETX) for details and to suggest topics or offer help! Have a young child in your life? This is a great way to get them interested in the hobby!

VE Testing: September 24, 2016 – 9AM @ the Allegan Hospital Cafeteria. Price is $15 + two forms of identification or a copy of your current license – Contact AA8L for next test session information

Allegan County SAR: Meeting will be in Plainwell on 8/10 @ 7am at Cook Park

Allegan County ARPSC: Tri-Allegan event went well with good coverage. Not enough radios. Next meeting is at the EOC, 122nd Avenue on 8/20 @ 9am

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Upcoming Events

Perseids peak 8/11-8/13

Spark in the Park, August 20, 3-8PM. Setup begins at 1PM at the Homeschool Building, 5625 Burlingame Ave SW, Wyoming, MI 49509

Winter Meetings – Suggestion made to reconsider holding meetings on Saturdays again during Winter months. Tabled while members come up with meeting spot suggestions

Club Insurance – (WB3LHU) – Tabled, still need to speak with ACATEC

Canopy – 12’ x 12’ purchased

Next Fox Hunt will be August 27, 10AM-12PM. Fox hunt will begin at the Allegan High School parking lot and will have a 5mi limit from start. Participants will meet for lunch afterwards, location TBD.

Allegan County Fair is fast approaching and club will be operating at the fairgrounds September 9-11. Club is looking for volunteers to help with setup, teardown and operations.

Dues can be paid to Nancy (KB8PFJ) at any time

ARRL Club Membership:Reminder – If you are about to renew or Join the ARRL our club has a chance to earn some extra money due to our ARRL affiliation. By submitting your membership moneys thru the club – We can keep either $2(renew) or $15 (New or not a member for 2 years) – Bring Your renewals and Check made out to the Allegan County Amateur Radio Club to the next meeting. WB3LHU has the forms if anyone is interested.

Club Activities/Presentations/Opportunities:

Any ideas -!! The club is interested in Your thoughts and suggestions

AA8L: Satellite Comm antennas – update
Bringing Eagle Island on the air for IOTA
3D folded loop antennas
Digital modes (i.e. PSK31, JT65, RTTY, etc)

Spark in the Park 2016

Allegan County Amateur Radio Club is a proud sponsor of the Spark in the Park event showcasing numerous aspects of amateur radio. Please join us, the event is free, this weekend August 20, 2016, 3-8PM. Below is additional information from the event coordinator:

This weekend,  the 3rd annual “Spark in the Park”, a Science Fair for amateur radio, will be held.

You have heard about it, now please put the date and time on your calendar to see what seven West Michigan amateur radio clubs have put together.

As with last year, Spark in the Park will be held at the Home School Building gym, located at 5625 Burlingame SW, Wyoming, Michigan.  The doors are open from 3 PM to 8 PM, on Saturday, August 20.

There will many varied exhibits of the various facets of amateur radio, including AMSAT/satellite radio, DMR, mobile VHF/UHF rovers, Go-bags and boxes, exceptional home brew equipment, Morse key collections, software defined radios, Red Cross and Salvation Army vehicles, the ARRL, and other groups.

More information at

There is no admission fee or table fee, due to the sponsoring efforts of seven West Michigan clubs:

Holland Amateur Radio Club

Lowell Amateur Radio Club

Grand Rapids Amateur Radio Association

Allegan County Amateur Radio Club

Kalamazoo Amateur Radio Club

Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council

Riverside Radio Amateurs (Ionia County)

Allegan County ARC Meeting, August 9

The next Allegan County Amateur Radio Club’s meeting is August 9, starting at 7:00PM (0000UTC) located at the Allegan City Airport, just across the street from Allegan County Technical and Education Center (ACATEC), at 740 Grand St., Allegan, MI, 49010.
August Program – Show n’ Tell, Mobile Installations
Upcoming Presentations
September – TBD
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